FujisawaLab Workshop

Impedance matched copper powder filter
designed for cryogenic operation
cut off freq. (typ.): 2GHz (-3dB), 10 GHz (-6dB)
copper powder: 300mesh
RC bias tee
designed for cryogenic operation
pass band (typ.): 160 kHz - 5 GHz (-3dB)
R = 5.1k, C = 10 nF
He recovery line
Helium gas recovery log system
(He purity, He flow rate)
Temporal container (balloon)
for minimizing the recovery pressure
* Technical Note (in Japanese)
Microwave sample holder with 4 SMAs
PCB based sample holder with 4 SMA connectors and 4x 8-pin half-pitch headers. Gold plated bonding pads for DC and RF wiring and ground plane. RF transmission upto typ. 2 GHz at -3dB.
Miniture Scriber
This laboratory-made scriber is designed for scribing a GaAs wafer with a diamond scribing tool. Compact size (205 mm x 150 mm) for typical stereoscopic microscopes.
Miniture Prober
This laboratory-made prober is designed for electrical measurement at room temperature. Compact size (200 mm x 100 mm) for typical stereoscopic microscopes.

AnalogDiscovery2 I-V extention
This is an educational instrument for practicing transport measurements. One can learn basic operations of an I-V converter and a voltage amplifier, and data acquisition with Analog Discovery 2 and LabVIEW.
2 channels (I-V and Diff-Amp selectable)
I-V: R_FB = (1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 10Mohm) and C_FB = (10p, 1n, 100nF).
Diff. amplifier: G = (1, 10, 100, 1000)
Some test devices (n-FET, p-FET, Hall device) on the board.